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I'm Ai the Bunny. Tumblr consists of jrock, reblogs, edits, and random text posts. I take mixed martial arts and I'm a musician.

relocated @sugar-bar

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okay so guys… though i’m pretty sure no one’ll read this anyways, LOL.

i’ve been more active on my other blog than this one.

it really pains me to say that i might be leaving this one. OTL

well, maybe not leave-leave,

but you know, not on as much as i used to a year ago.

if you guys are still interested in following me around (i don’t know how to word that correctly.)

i’ll be @sugar-bar. 

me: omg i can't believe you came to my house im honoured

band member:


band member:


band member: you kidnapped me and tied me to a chair